Attention 7-Eleven workers: Are you being paid correctly?


In recent weeks UNITE has received numerous complaints from 7-Eleven workers across Victoria about not being paid correctly.

It is clear that the double hours scam, exposed by UNITE in 2008, is still being used by many franchisees. This scam means that many workers are only being paid for half the hours they work.

Other complaints we have received include:

-Workers not being paid the legal minimum wage
-Workers not receiving required breaks during their shifts
-Workers not receiving penalty rates for working weekends, late nights and public holidays
-Wages being illegally docked when cash registers don’t balance

Did you know?

Wages for 7-Eleven workers are set out in the General Retail Trade Award. Most 7-Eleven workers would be classified as “level two” employees.

Most employees are also employed on a casual basis. This means if you are a casual worker you are entitled to an extra 25% on top of the minimum hourly rate.

The minimum rate for a level two employee is $18.41 per hour. For casual workers, it is $23.01 per hour.
All workers are entitled to penalty rates on weekends, public holidays:

On Saturdays, you are entitled to an additional 10% for hours worked between 7am and 6pm, which means you should be receiving $25.31 per hour.

For any hours worked on a Sunday you are entitled to an additional 100%, which means you should be receiving $46.03 per hour.

For any hours worked on a public holiday you are entitled to an additional 150%, which means you should be receiving $57.53 per hour.

What you can do?

If you’re not being paid these rates, you should contact UNITE immediately. We want as many workers as possible to come forward so that we can deal with these problems collectively. When workers stick together they are stronger.

UNITE is an independent union that has no ties to your employer or the government. All information given to us will be in the strictest confidence.

We know many 7-Eleven employees are internationals students. Regardless of your visa status we want to ensure you are getting paid properly.

Ultimately the only way to stop 7-Eleven ripping off its workers once and for all is build a strong union in the stores. We urge all fast food and retail workers to join and help us with this task.

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