UNITE Letter of Support to Occupy Melbourne

Occupy MelbourneDear friends,

UNITE would like to extend its warm support to Occupy Melbourne.

Our members are low-paid workers in retail and hospitality, who feel the destructive force of capitalism on a daily basis. Retail bosses, despite high profits, recently began campaigning for the legal minimum wage to be even further reduced to keep profits soaring.

The occupations all around the world are welcome displays of community, solidarity and democracy. As recent events in Egypt and Wisconsin demonstrate, it is essential to build protest occupations outwards to involve wider sections of workers. These examples also demonstrated that ruling forces (the army in Egypt, the Democrats in America) will intervene to stunt such movements.

Fair Work Australia has consistently demonstrated that it is the bosses’ court, the ALP has demonstrated it is a bosses’ party and the Parliament privileges the voices of the powerful. As the Occupy Wall Street movement shows, the real arenas to fight capitalism and greed on this scale are on the streets and in our workplaces.

occupy-melbourne2UNITE members and representatives will be with you at Occupy Melbourne, demanding jobs, education and healthcare and an to end to the relentless drive for profit that plagues the world.


Anthony Main