Respect Workers’ Rights campaign

bruns-st-posterUNITE has launched the “Respect Workers Rights” campaign on and around Brunswick Street, Fitzroy!

We want to make sure employers are sticking to the law and workers are receiving their full entitlements.

UNITE has received many complaints from workers on and around Brunswick street about dodgy bosses not sticking to the law. Over the coming weeks we will be auditing employers to find out who is and isn’t paying the minimum wage and entitlements, and providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Employers who are sticking to the law will receive a ‘This workplace respects its workers rights’ sticker to display on their window. Employers who aren’t will be ‘named and shamed’ until they start doing the right thing!

If you can help in any way, please let us know. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

See you on Brunswick Street!