Bakers workers not Delighted!

UNITE currently represents a group of workers in Bakers Delight stores in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Their employer is attempting to get through a workplace agreement that does away with many retail award entitlements.

UNITE is in the process of informing local residents of what was going on. The leaflets we have produced read:


The friendly sales assistants at your local Bakers Delight stores in St. Helena, Diamond Creek and Laurimar are currently negotiating a new workplace agreement.

So far their employer, Wayne Price, has offered them an agreement that does away with penalty rates, guaranteed hours, sick pay and holiday pay in exchange for a tiny bit extra in the base rate. Mr. Price has also refused to guarantee the workers regular hours or yearly pay increases to cover the cost of living.

On top of this the workers are being bullied and told they are not allowed to discuss the agreement or talk to the union. They are under constant video surveillance and feel intimidated by Mr Price.

They would really appreciate your support!

All the workers are asking for is to receive Award entitlements like penalty rates for working nights and weekends, security of hours and sick pay and holiday pay. Currently they don’t receive these entitlements, with some workers receiving as little as $9.29 an hour!

While you pay top prices for your bread, the employees are working under conditions that undermine industry standards.

Let Bakers Delight know that our community will not tolerate the exploitation of young workers.

The workers are fighting for :

Penalty rates on evenings, weekends and public holidays
Guaranteed shifts and security of hours
Sick pay and holiday pay
Guaranteed pay rises every year to cover the cost of living
An end to workplace bullying and over-supervision

UNITE, the union for fast food and retail workers, is campaigning for better wages and conditions for Bakers Delight workers.
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